All It Takes Is A Goal

ATG 140: Fix your negative mindset in 24 minutes!

August 28, 2023 Jon Acuff Season 1 Episode 140
All It Takes Is A Goal
ATG 140: Fix your negative mindset in 24 minutes!
Show Notes

Ever wondered if positivity could truly outshine negativity? In this episode, I delve into my personal journey of transforming from a skeptical cynic as a kid to a hopeful optimist in my mid-30s. How did rejecting negativity lead me to embrace hope, even in the face of rejection, job loss, and missed opportunities? Tune in as I share the powerful revelation that positivity offers an unparalleled ROI, fostering creativity, deeper relationships, and open doors. Over 13 years, I've harnessed positivity to supercharge motivation, career growth, and connections. Don't miss this dynamic exploration of the mindset shift that can illuminate your path from darkness to a brighter, more fulfilling future. 

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In This Episode:
Every successful goal has four stages: 1. Dream 2. Plan 3. Do 4. Review. Learn how to have fun in all four stages right here!

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