All It Takes Is A Goal

ATG 135: Summer School #3: Sunday Scaries

July 24, 2023 Jon Acuff Season 1 Episode 135
All It Takes Is A Goal
ATG 135: Summer School #3: Sunday Scaries
Show Notes

Have you ever experienced the Sunday scaries? That sense of dread that creeps in on Sunday afternoons, making you anxious about the upcoming week? In this episode of All It Takes Is a Goal podcast, I'm specifically addressing how to deal with those Sunday scaries. Join me and my co-host Gian Lemmi as we share rapid-fire tips and strategies to overcome this common struggle. Get ready to conquer your Sunday scaries! Let's get started!

This episode is part of our Summer School series! Get ready to learn through a fun journey covering various topics including writing, captivating conversations, and so much more! Trust me, it's going to be a blast. Make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a single episode of this series!

In This Episode:
Gian's pick: The Office ASMR Podcast
Every successful goal has four stages: 1. Dream 2. Plan 3. Do 4. Review. Learn how to have fun in all four stages right here!

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