All It Takes Is A Goal

ATG 113: 5 Ways to Make Your Goals Work For You

February 20, 2023 Jon Acuff Season 1 Episode 113
All It Takes Is A Goal
ATG 113: 5 Ways to Make Your Goals Work For You
Show Notes

I bet when many people think about goals, they think about the Do stage. I want to share with you an important but often-forgotten step to success. In today’s episode, I talk about the Review stage of your goals. We need to review our goals because we want to see if our goals are working for us. Why is this important? Well, who would want to work on a goal that isn’t worth their time or effort? I definitely wouldn’t. That’s why the review stage is so important to achieving goals that actually matter. Sometimes reviewing means we have to go back a stage or two, but I’ve found that it is always worth it. In this week’s episode of All it Takes is a Goal, I share 5 different ways you should be reviewing your goals.

In This Episode:
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The first of the series, Dream: Two Words That Will Set Any Goal Up for Success
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